Xcode Project

based on iOS SDK




For FileMaker


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Create Xcode Project based on FileMaker iOS App SDK

XprojectFM is allowed to build Xcode project, based on FileMaker iOS SDK. You just need to click on one button to get the Xcode project completely ready for installation on an iOS devices. It also allows using custom plugins in the Xcode project, creating synergy effect of combining the fast development of FileMaker platform with almost unlimited functions and speed of a native code.

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XprojectFM now supports SDK v.16

XprojectFM was updated to v2.0 and now support FileMaker iOS App SDK v.16

Push notifications for FileMaker

PushFM makes it easy to send a notification to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and open them in the appropriate database in FileMaker Go or in iOS App SDK

Mobile users do not always have the ability to maintain a constant connection to the server And quite often you need to inform the remote user of a new event, a new invoice or a new important task. PushFM will immediately inform the remote mobile user, even if PushFM and FileMaker Go or iOS App SDK app is not running and the device is not active.

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FMLinea connects Linea Pro or Infinea TAB adapters to FileMaker Go database, allowing you to scan directly to FileMaker layout. Fully compatible for use with 1D and 2D barcodes, Magnetic Cards reading, RFID tags reading (if supported by adapter)

Compatible with adapters:

Linea Pro 5

Linea Pro 6

Infinea TAB

Infinea TAB M (mini)

Infinea X

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TrackFM is a native iOS App, that tracking iPhone or iPad GPS location and sending coordinates to FileMaker Server's Web Publishing via XML requests. If a device is not connected to the internet, location data is collecting inside TrackFM and then sending to the server.

TrackFM works as iOS system service and silently continue location tracking even if a user is a force quit TrackFM application. Only significant location changes are tracking.

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